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A revolution in industrial facility inspection

Get Vision is an innovative platform based on artificial intelligence that revolutionizes the processing of site inspection images. We are already helping to optimize photovoltaic farm inspection times and costs. We will soon transform the way more industries approach inspection.



Product development

Q 1 2023


Photovoltaics farms


We successfully optimize photovoltaic farm inspection times and costs:




    • 96% damage detection efficiency
    • Up to 350 images analyzed in one minute
    • Predefined report generated in just 30 minutes



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Q3 2023


Wind farms


In the wake of our success in the photovoltaic farm industry, we will soon be ready to transform fault and anomaly detection for wind farms.




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Q1 2024


Corrosion inspections


We will be ready to detect corrosion in the industry by 2024. Using this method, you will be able to identify emerging and developing corrosion sources in your infrastructure (for distributed infrastructure, for example, or field storage facilities).


Q2 2024


Autonomous drones support


As of the second quarter of 2024, we will provide support for autonomous drones. This will enable you to perform the overall inspection automatically (automatic drone fly-over, analysis of images and report generation after the inspection).

Q3 2024


Pipeline inspections


You will be able to inspect pipelines with Get Vision and automatically recognize faults within liquid-transporting pipelines.




In 2025 Get Vision will streamline weld inspections, automate shipyard irregularities detection and verify quality in service. It will enable you to automatically analyze weld discrepancies in welded joints, forgings, or castings based on X-ray images.

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Get Vision Sp. z o.o.
Wacława Sieroszewskiego 12/3
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Get Vision Sp. z o.o.
Wacława Sieroszewskiego 12/3
81-376 Gdynia, Poland
TAX: 7011063031

+48 730 180 220 biuro@getvision.pl