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Summary of 2023 and new versions of GETVISION (v 13.2.0)

Our end of the year update has been completed and in today’s release notes we want to tell you all about it. In these notes you will find: 

👀 2023 SUMMARY

Last year was very important to us. 

It has been a busy and very satisfying year but we are not slowing down. What’s in front of us? 

Today we want to tell you about the huge changes and improvements we have made to our platform.


After several months of the first version being open to everyone for free we have closed the phase, of let’s call it beta testing. Thanks to our team and users who decided to give the solution a go, we were able to upgrade several features and solve some important issues. Today’s update brings big changes to 2 important areas:


Our pricing model has changed from an open beta version which was available for free to a simple 3 tier pricing model.

We are still working on improving our pricing model and the newest info about it can be found on our website, here


The main course of the evening has arrived. We made a lot of improvements in this section so that our platform is even more user friendly and easy to use.

During the last year we have made several minor upgrades to the first version of our platform but this has been by far the biggest one and we are very happy with the usability of the app at this point. This doesn’t mean we won’t be reaching for even more but for now, check out our improved platform for free at: app.getvision.pl


The latest update was not only about features and improvements. We have also fixed some important issues and managed to solve some hard algorithms.

We are constantly working on improvements so if you encounter any problems, be sure to let us know with our chat or through the contact page, here

That’s it for now, thank you 👋 for reading and being with us – GetVision Team!

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